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All over the world on Sunday 21st September, people rallied in public squares, parks, and here on the Sunshine Coast along our beautiful beaches. In New York, the United Nations’ leader, Ban Ki Moon walked with leading environmentalist, Al Gore in calling on our governments to take urgent action on climate change.
Kicking off at dawn with the local Gubbi Gubbi “Welcome to Country Ceremony” at Sunshine Beach, more than 700 people participated in the Sunshine Coast Environment Council’s 50km relay to Caloundra.
The world-wide rallies want to bring awareness to people by opening the discussion about climate change. Research by more than 97% of the world’s climate scientists have shown evidence that it is real and it will impact on our lives. A report released by the Climate Council, indicated that low-lying beach-side communities along the east coast of Australia are likely to suffer more extreme weather events in the future as sea levels rise over the next 30 to 50 years, eating away our shoreline.
It is possible to slow down and avoid the devastating effects of climate change by burning less fossil fuel. Sunshine Coast residents embraced the previous State and Federal Labor Governments’ incentives to install rooftop solar panels. Solar electricity reduces the need to use coal-burning power generators. Residents without solar power can still play their part in reducing carbon emissions by opting to pay less than $0.20 a day on the electricity bill for green energy produced by wind. Leaving the oil-guzzling car at home and catching the bus is another way you can help reduce the effects of global warming.
Participants joined the relay in Coolum at Stumers Creek and continued the walk to Point Perry. Many locals peeled off for a chat about climate change issues, while the rest of the walkers continued their relay down the coast, being ferried across the Maroochy River to finish at Kings Beach around 7pm.